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General Questions

This is a type of life assurance that pays out a tax-free lump sum if you are diagnosed with a specified critical illness.

This type of policy covers health related work absences. It is a long term policy that will pay you a benefit if you have a serious injury or illness.

Whether or not you have children or other dependents – If illness or injury would mean you couldn’t pay the bills, this would give you cover.

This type of life assurance is taken out to protect a repayment mortgage. A tax-free lump sum is paid out upon death to protect your dependents.

This type of life assurance is taken out to protect an interest only mortgage or to provide your family with a tax-free lump sum upon death.

If you have a mortgage it’s usually conditional that you have buildings insurance in place for your home. Most people want to protect the possessions in their home with contents insurance too.